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Star Blazers and Yamato Ultimate Resource Page!

Welcome!  The year is 2013 and this page has lived to see some incredible things since it's creation.  When I started this page it was a homage to the 1970's and 80's  Star Blazers / Space Battleship Yamato series of television and theatrical releases.  Since then there has been the release of Yamato Rebirth, Space Battleship Yamato the live action film, and the NEW Space Battleship Yamato 2199 series of OVAs.  This site is a repository of all things PRIOR to 2010.  I am not dedicating anymore time to catalog and collect for the current releases of Yamato.  I'll just give you some quick links here.

Since bit the dust, you can follow Tim Eldred's yamato reports at his new site: (I recomend liking his facebook page too if you want to get the latest news as it happens.)  That's all I'm going to give you for now, it's up to you to do the digging!

(all images can be clicked on to see the full version)
Star Blazers Image Bar CG 2004

Star Blazers Image Bar CG 2005
Computer Generated images above done by Idocawa Raul.

Can we reach 148,000 hits in just one Earth year?!
Or is is 168,000?  (depends on what generation you are watching!) 

I am very happy to know that people are enjoying this site. Thank you for all the e-mails telling me how this site brings back memories and how you continue to love the show.

This site is very simple, you will find everything I have to offer on this one page. This page began simply as a "purpose" for having a web page. Who is going to search the web and delight in finding a listing of information about myself and my interests? One of the first things I searched for on the world wide web was Star Blazers. I did not find much. Therefore this webpage became a way to bring everything I could find together. Almost all of my images, sounds, and links are from other sites. And I give thanks to the several individuals that have contributed to this page freely out of love for the show.

You will find answers to "Where can I get (fill in the blank)?" along with pictures, sound files, news on current Yamato events, and links. This site is first and foremost a map. This page is here to help you find a place to buy videos, shirts, pins, toys, soundtracks, and other Yamato merchandise. Because, if you are like me, you already know all there is to know about your favorite animated epic. And you all you really want is stuff! So enjoy!

Star Blazers Image Bar1

Watch Online

Season 1 is available at for streaming in their video on demand service, and it's pretty cheap.
You can also watch all the Yamato movies on Netflix.

Star Blazers Monopoly

Using scans and some downloaded images, I have made a Star Blazers version of Monopoly.
Download the gameboard here. The board is a 19" x 19" jpg.
Here is themoney template, here's a sample:

Since they never talk about or use any type of currency in the show, I decided to make them equal to bottles of Captain Avatar's spring water.
properties one, two, three

properties one
properties two
properties three
properties four
properties five
Chance Cards
Chance Cards 2
Chance Cards 3
Community Chest
Community Chest 2
Community Chest 3

Space Battleship Yamato - 2010 - Live action
Live action Yamato hit theaters in Japan on 12-1-10, have a taste here, then scour google for more!

Computer Generated images below done by Koji Kuramura
Star Blazers Image Bar CG

Yamato Rebirth - 2009

Firstly, let me say that Tim Eldred is a Yamato/Star Blazers news machine! He has SO MUCH stuff going on at that it will take me MONTHS to catch up on it now. I must say he is the preimer Star Blazers and Yamato researcher, you must check the site out! Especially his web comic Star Blazers Rebirth. The site has frequent updates so check back often.

And to my delight, the next Yamato Movie will be out December 12th, 2009. Allow me to embed a youtube footage clip!

I just hope all the Star Blazers voice actors will be contacted to voice the movie dub!

I began updating the links, and deleting things that were no longer available, but then I stopped. I'll leave them as a history of what used to be, since I do not have active resources to replace them. Okay, maybe this site isn't so "ultimate" anymore.

the 2007 Update

1-31-07 Not much going on for the last YEAR! Sheesh, been that long for an update? Lots of new items are out there on ebay, most recently are micro machine style ships that are highly detailed (and expensive). Legal issues mar any headway in the new series department in Japan. Daiyamato seems to be dead, I never liked that half-cgi, half-animation, it just doesn't mesh together well. Anyway, don't check out youtube to see what I mean, just believe me.
The Rebirth Comic Series is still going on. And I still have not played the PS2 Yamato game, nor have I completed the psone games (chronic problem with me and games). Anyway, in closing, check out this massive Lego Yamato! Happy New Year!

1-8-06 Original Comic Series: Star Blazers Rebirth
Starblazers.comis running a new original comic series of Star Blazers. The series is online only at their website, it takes place 25 years after the original series. Thanks to Alexandros Simotas for the info.

6-4-05 Online episodes and movies
Rent and watch all the Yamato movies and Star Blazers episodes online at movie Movielink cycles movies so right now this is available until 6-14-05, the rentals are $4.99. I don't know when or if they will be back.

4-29-2005 - Space Battleship Yamato - "The Making of an Anime Legend"
A new documentary produced by Voyager Entertainment has been released on DVD. It runs 1 hour 45 minutes and is narrated by the Ken Meseroll, voice of Derek Wildstar. The dvd is beautiful, filled with rare artwork, unseen footage. It is a history of Yamato from start to finish, I watched it straight through as soon as I got, it's a great story.
You can purchase it from for under $20.
There are a few extra features like the original pilot episode, and the Yamato toy commercials. You only get brief clips of the four voice actors found from the original Star Blazers dub, Ken Meseroll, Eddie Allen, Amy Howard, and Tom Tweedy, but I believe you can see more of them on select series DVDs (I don't have them all yet).
There is one currious note, this article from says that Ken and Eddie reprise their rolls as Wildstar and Desslock for a secret project. I assumed it would be part of this DVD, but it is not. Is there more to come from Voyager?

11-26-2004 - PS2 Yamato game is released in Japan! Here is a link to the game site.
This game seems to be based on the New Voyage storyline. I don't know much more, and don't think I will look too closely, I modded my first playstation for the original games, but I think my modding days are behind me.
You can import this game, but remember you must have a japanese PS2, or a modded one.

5-29-2004 - Great Yamato has arrived! I cannot really read the site, but it looks like 2 DVD's may have just been released in Japan!
And it appears to be Matsumoto's!
Follow this link to the site You can wander the site, and find a 4 minute realplayer clip!!! Or follow this link!
Watch Great Yamato preview in HIGH res!
Watch Great Yamato preview in MED res!
Watch Great Yamato preview in LOW res!
I also found a discussion board entry at All Things Yamato. It gives a little more info on the release.

Matsumoto vs Nishizaki, Nishizaki wins. And the NEW new Yamato. (8-16-03)
Yamato in Japan can now move on. Matsumoto gets a nod that he helped design Yamaoto, but from what altavista translates, can no longer create any Yamato work. Nishizaki gets all the rights for new movies, and to the recently invented Great Yamato. That's what I get from the translation anyway, I may be wrong.
So, developement on Yamato will begin again, and it looks like they have something already lined up. The NEW new Yamato?
UPDATE 5-29-04 seems to tell me I was wrong!

Great Galaxy the new Great Yamato TV Series - Added 02/09/03
Venture Soft and Leiji Matsumoto team up for the next Yamato adventure. The name has been changed to "Great Galaxy" because of legal issues. The Yamato design is hugely different but the character designs are very much the same. You can get a feel for it by checking out the Daiyamato pachinko game. This version is not the same as the recently published Great Yamato comics.
Great Yamato pictures in a Car Inspection comercial.

Great Yamato Comic Series
This comic series is in print and posted on the web. You can visit to see the comic translated into English.
Or visit Great Yamato posted in Japanese by Leiji Matsumoto on the web.

Daiyamato Pachinko - Added 02/09/03
Imagine how cool it was to download and watch movies of the new Great Yamato in action! Now imagine my reaction when I found out it was a movie taken from a slot machine! It turns out that Pachinko is a mix of slot machine and pinball machine. Apparently it is so popular that they plan on turning it into a Playstation 2 game. Well, it's better than nothing. I just hope the tv series pans out! Check out this site to get the movies!
Daiyamato Pachinko japanese site with mpg movies

Where to get stuff!


The DVD Release of Series 2, Part 4 will have interviews of Tom Tweedy and Amy Howard Wilson, the voice actors for Mark Venture and Nova! This should be a great extra! I can't wait to see it!

Star Blazers Series 1: The Quest for Iscandar DVD, 26 episodes on 6 DVDs, and is available in a box set also.
Star Blazers Series 2: The Comet Empire DVD, 26 episodes on 6 DVDs, and is available in a box set also.
All the movies are on dvd also, visit to order.

Mini Reviews
You might as well ignore the extra's on these dvds 1 thru 3, they are pretty bad, but the dvd video quality is wonderful. DVD Series 1, Part 1 It is crisp, clean, but void of extras. I have not yet gotten the rest of the series on DVD. At the moment my video game habit sucks away funds I would use the upgrade from VHS to DVD.
DVD Series 1, Part 2 I have mine, and there is a BIG improvement in presentation over the first DVD. The dvd menu is the Agro's bridge, various environments cycle through the windows, Avatar and Wildstar shout commands as the battle theme plays. Features include character descriptions with pictures and Japanese aliases; a "trailer" which is just the first seven minutes of the next episode; a cut scene of a flashback to Yamato's original sinking (this was taken from the subtitled 1st movie put out by voyager); and a refference to I do have problem that the right speaker output crackles with loud sounds in the special features only, I don't know if my disc is defective or all of them are bad. Another thing is, that each episode starts at the same point in the beginning narration when you start it, so don't be confused when you jump ahead and it starts up the same way " the year 2199...".
DVD Series 1, Part 3 was released 2-27-01, and is to have a virtual tour of the argo on the disc, but it's horrible.
update 02/09/03 I have read that the interface has been reworked for this dvd, but I haven't seen it.

Space Battleship Yamato - The Making of an Anime Legend documentary 4-29-05 see above.

Video Games

Playstation 2 game

11-26-2004 - PS2 Yamato game is released in Japan! Here is a link to the game site.
This game seems to be based on the New Voyage storyline. I don't know much more, and don't think I will look too closely, I modded my first playstation for the original games, but I think my modding days are behind me.
You can import this game, but remember you must have a japanese PS2, or a modded one. I translated the main PS2 game Japanese info page with the babel fish back when the game was announced 2-3 years ago, and here is the result: Babel Translation PS2 game. posted a quicktime movie from the ps2 game, view it here !!

-update 02/09/03 - It's 2003 and still no game. I believe the recent custody battle between Matsumoto and Nishinaki has put this game into mothballs, we may see it with a favorable court ruling, or we may never see it. It saddens me to think the first PS2 Yamato game might be Pachinko!

Playstation games 1 & 2

There are 2 games out released in Japan only, I imported mine. Beware you will need to have a "modified" or Japanese playstation to play these games. The first game is based on series one, the second game based on series 2. The second game is the better because it gives you greater control of the action. These games are getting older and will be hard to find, try ebay and search for "Yamato Playstation".
WARNING! - You must have a modified or japanese playstation to play imported games. I have not been able to get the games to run properly with playstation emulators.
(I made game faq's for each game also)

Playstation game 3

"Yamato Part 1 Fan Disc - Tracks of Heros"- This is not really a game, it has a mini game with 2 senarios which you will complete in 30 minutes. Besides the game, the disc offers: 1) A complete retelling of the story of the first playstation game uninterrupted. 2) A sketch gallery of the second game characters and ships, 3) Game saves you can download to the memory card for each scenario for both the first and second games.

Playstation Yamato Game discussion board

Yamato Game Boy game! I found it at anime world. You will need a gameboy emulator to run it, I'll try and get a working link up later. Just read all the instructions files in the zipped files. It is really cool!

Wonder Swan Video Game

Thanks to the exhausting efforts of Luke Shu-Hao Hu , who always keeps me up to date on new Yamato events, we have information on these two new products. Follow these links to read the email about Playstation and Wonderswan. Check out this Wonderswan Yamato page in Japan, and this 3rd Playstation page in Japan.

Skies of Arcadia for Sega Dreamcast and Gamecube is a RPG videogame. It has nothing to do with Star Blazers or Yamato, except that there are some cool flying battlships, with some awesome weapons that come close to rivaling the Wave Motion Gun!
In this game you control pirates and their ships as they battle the fleets of an evil empire. The game is just so good, and reminds me allot of Star Blazers I had to tell you. Here are some links: IGN review,, and where to get the game.

Star Blazers Strategic Gaming System

Gaming system and figures at, do a search for Star Blazers!
or go to Star Blazers Battle Fleet Website they have pictures of the system and ships!


at KIMONO MY HOUSE! Wildstar, Capt. Avatar, or Argo enamel pins and miscellaneous stuff too!
Shirts are also available at The Right Stuff.

Comics and Publications:

The Magazine of Space Battleship Yamato comic book series. They made it up to issue 11, one every 2 months, before they stopped.

More out of print comics include 2 runs of original comics by COMICO in the 80's, a 4 part series and a 5 part series.
And the 5 Graphic Novels taking footage directly from the 1st season, they nice and big and well worth looking into.
Ebay has some for auction from time to time.

Dave Chubrick says that has Star Blazers comics at varying availabilities.

(below images taken from the Computer Generated Yamato Calendar, 1996)
Star Blazers CG Image Bar2

Downloads and Other Offerings!

OK, what can you get out of this site? Well, there's this cool MIDI , and images, just click on the bar pictures on this page to download the large version! Here's the infamous Enterprise VS. Argo battle. How about the theme song, here's one wave file I've found. You can also download the patented Nick Flor Argo Signature/Plan text file for your own augmentation and use! Take a look at my first Star Blazers page!

Playstation stuff

Yamato 1 Playstation FAQ Another of my creations, I'm amazed no one else has done one! (Not complete, I take a long time, if ever to finish video games.)

Yamato 2 Playstation FAQ Here I go again. (Not complete, I take a long time, if ever to finish video games.)

Yamato 3 Fan disc Playstation FAQStill only a third through the second game, here is the 3rd games faq!

Yamato Playstation Discussion Board Post a Message in My Message Board! , since I am so slow at updating the faq maybe you can help each other out!

NEW - Dexdrive Playstation Yamato 1 and 2 game saves
These saves for the 2nd game were taken from the Yamato 3 Disc, descriptions of the contents can be found on the 3rd FAQ. Files are in zip format.

Space Battleship Yamato 1

Space Battleship Yamato 2 - Soldiers of Love

Sound Wave Files

- Thanks to
A distress call from Telezart!
Firing of the Wave Motion Gun
Deslock laughing

Invidia saying "arrest that man!"
Zordar thinks Invidia got some bad news
Stirring Yamato battle music
Trelena saddened that Telezart has been turned into a battlefield
IQ9 isn't dressed for cold weather
Door opening
Wildstar wants Eager to enlarge the picture
Nova finds something
Gamilon guns
Message from Desslok
Message from Telezart
Desslok approves of the target
Derek's brother "Never came back!"
Open all guns!
radar ping
A link to a Japanese heavy metal band playing there own version of Yamato's theme song.

Star Blazers Image Bar3


Here are links to other Star Blazers sites. Some have more background information on the series than this page. You can find various articles, synopses, character descriptions, pictures, scripts, sound files, fan fiction, etc. All that good stuff!